Storage I/O benchmark

Published on May 27th, 2009


We performed all the tests with the multi-threaded benchmark tool sysbench (version 0.4.8).

This tool was primarily written for MySQL benchs and is very I/O intensive. Nowadays it’s one of the most appreciated tool for general I/O benchs.

Read bench commands

sysbench –test=fileio –max-time=60 –max-requests=100000000 –file-num=1 –file-extra-flags=direct –file-fsync-freq=0 –file-total-size=128M –file-test-mode=rndrd cleanup

sysbench –test=fileio –max-time=60 –max-requests=100000000 –file-num=1 –file-extra-flags=direct –file-fsync-freq=0 –file-total-size=128M –file-test-mode=rndrd prepare

sysbench –test=fileio –max-time=60 –max-requests=100000000 –file-num=1 –file-extra-flags=direct –file-fsync-freq=0 –file-total-size=128M –file-test-mode=rndrd run

Write bench commands

sysbench –test=fileio –max-time=60 –max-requests=100000000  –file-num=1 –file-extra-flags=direct –file-fsync-freq=0  –file-total-size=128M –file-test-mode=rndwr cleanup

sysbench –test=fileio –max-time=60 –max-requests=100000000  –file-num=1 –file-extra-flags=direct –file-fsync-freq=0  –file-total-size=128M –file-test-mode=rndwr prepare

sysbench –test=fileio –max-time=60 –max-requests=100000000  –file-num=1 –file-extra-flags=direct –file-fsync-freq=0  –file-total-size=128M –file-test-mode=rndwr run

Forces in presence

The goal is to be the most objective as possible, so we choose the closest configuration on each instance provider.


ubuntu amd64 8.04 LTS


Centos amd64 5.1


ubuntu amd64 9.04


ubuntu amd64 9.04


Transfer MB/sec : we are twice fast as the fastest competitor !

  • 0.9
  • 88.9
  • 2.5
  • 178.3

EC2, which is the most popular offer, suffers of very poor read performances.

I/O requests per second : it matchs read transfer values

  • 54.4
  • 5693.2
  • 160.0
  • 11414.4


Transfer MB/sec : EC2 is a (slighty) more serious competitor

  • 0.9
  • 0.7
  • 3.7
  • 24.1

I/O requests/sec

  • 56.4
  • 42.9
  • 239.3
  • 1541.6


NiftyName supremacy is undeniable. NiftyName does not forget performances against features. What is done is well done, we are trying to reach the highest quality level, it’s significant for a common production environment.

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