Zigui Video Tutorial

User/Client/Vsite Creation

Create a user


On each User creation, a keypair is generated and user's public key is signed against zinn's certificate authority.

Create a client


You can create a client or accept an invitation from another client. If you're the first user of a client, you have the owner role by default.

Create a vsite


Vsite stands for Virtual site. A Vsite creation is a way to start a coherent cluster. This cluster belongs to a sitegroup, defined by some rules (redundancy of "real" geographical sites, ....).

Hardware Management

Create a machine


Like in a store, pick exactly the resources you want (number of cpu, architecture, memory, ...) and attach many services (interfaces, storages...)

Create a network interface


You can configure your reverse DNS for each IP attached to a network interface. Vlan are easy to setup too.

Attach a public image to install your os


Most populars Linux dsitributions Iso availables.

Attach machine writable storage


You can also try multiple attachment of a storage, then many machines share the same one :)

Install OS on your writable storage


Total installation process takes less than 7 minutes !